What It’s Like Being a Consultant: Consider a Career in Consulting Part 3

Career Guide August 29, 2018

What It’s Like Being a Consultant: Consider a Career in Consulting Part 3

Consultancy offers enough variety and opportunities that you can try it out regardless of your work experience and background. But to understand further what consulting all about is, we look deeper into the discipline.

What’s great about it

Demand for consultants increased dramatically throughout the years. In fact, the management consulting industry is estimated to be at $250 billion. It doesn’t stop there. The industry continues to grow and while the industry may be faced with disruptions – it has more opportunities to explore.

For example, the French management consulting market is seeing, its fastest growth in more than a decade.  According to reports, the industry experienced more than 6% growth in 2017 while France’s consultancies are on their way to hit the €5 billion per annum in the coming years.

Take it from our Orbium consultants across the globe:

“Becoming a consultant is a great career path, as it allows for a great and varying working environment. You get to work with different clients in different atmospheres, as well as potentially travelling around to different places. It never gets boring as there’s always variation in every aspect of the job”.  – Lloyd Wauters, Associate Consultant in London

In fact, for those straight out of the university, consulting can also be a good choice. Lloyd shares his experience as a fresh graduate who chose the consulting career path in Orbium:

“Although I started straight from University, I was assigned to a client within the first few months of starting my first job alongside another experienced consultant. This was great, as it allows me to experience many sides of the business in much more depth than I would have expected so early on in my career”.

Chee Chung Koong, Senior Consultant in Singapore, also shares his experience as a consultant: “It’s a challenging job that requires balancing the task of managing user expectations, deep analytical work, developing quality deliveries, and rallying support from various teams and stakeholders – it’s a job for those who wants the challenge”.  

“The best thing about being a consultant, is being able to meet different people from all walks of life and cultures. Daily, I find myself getting to know (and grow!) relationships with a few people whether they be other consultants, business members or developers. This is something I very much enjoy”.  Added George Banks, Senior Consultant in Sydney.

Challenges of being a consultant

Consulting services predominantly rely on humans to be the fundamental asset to research, analyse, recommend, define and manage processes so it can be labour intensive. This can mean long hours and tight deadlines. Not to mention, you may have to deal with multiple stakeholders including  senior management.

Whether you are working for a large or small firm, your role will have a direct impact on the profitability, structure and future of the organisation.  You will have to work with the idea that all your outputs will have time-bound value. The moment you research something, conduct a competitive analysis or create a strategic plan then deliver it to the client, its relevance and currency diminishes given that issues, trends and disruptions happen in the industry constantly and fast.

But what’s a career without the challenges? Consulting can open career paths for you because it’s not specific to a background. You get to learn different aspects of the business and from different stakeholders which not all careers can do. As our consultants have said it, you get to network or connect with other professionals, learn many new things, experience variety and understand how to balance learning and performing on the job. Whichever role you choose in the future, all of these can play well into your professional growth.