Company Culture

Orbium is known for its strong work ethic. Our employees are committed and hard-working, always striving to produce work of the highest quality even in the face of challenges. In return, in addition to offering respect and recognition, Orbium also offers its employees opportunities for relaxing and networking. In particular, regular team-building events are organized.

Core values

We firmly believe in goal-oriented approaches that get real, measurable results. We’re not in the business of giving our clients theoretical, non-actionable recommendations – because we believe they deserve better.

But don’t mistake our belief in our methods for a lack of passion. Orbium owes its success to attracting a top-quality team of like-minded individuals who share common values – but have the skills and the belief to act independently, to push their own ideas forward… and to make a difference.

Put simply, we get a kick out of making businesses better. We take pride in seeing our clients succeed – seeing our joint teamwork lead to significant improvements in performance.

We don’t impose regimes or fixed solutions on our consultants, because we’ve been around long enough to know that such an approach simply doesn’t get results. We work as a team because we respect the skills, experiences, opinions and visions of all our people – and we share a set of core values that has been the foundation of our success.


Be first-class professionals at all times. Stay true to our values. And treat clients’ confidential information as if it were our own.


Be thorough and rigorous. Go the extra mile. Be innovative – but stay within the bounds of commercial reality. Never be afraid to scale new heights of professionalism.


You never stop learning – so treat every day as if it were another lesson. And remember that you can learn from everyone.

Good humour

Yes, ours is a serious business. But work can be, and should be, fun. Every day is there to be enjoyed.

Team-building events

On a project or office level

Summer outing

The event of the year where teams from across the region get together over several days in a stunning location.

Christmas dinner

Celebrate this special time of year with your colleagues.

Work hard, Play harder

Check out our last summer events!

Some pictures of our recent events