Great Place to Work®: Beyond the Awards

Life at Orbium April 2, 2018

Great Place to Work®: Beyond the Awards

Great Place to Work’s mission is: ‘to build a better world by helping organisations become great places to work for all’. That’s why Orbium was so delighted to win a fifth Great Place to Work (GPTW) award ­– this time for our Singapore office in the Small Organisations category.

We believe that a positive work culture benefits both companies and employees, and it is fantastic to be recognised for the effort we put into developing our culture and people.

For a global company such as Orbium, a unified culture enables us to be at our best and deliver high-quality solutions and services. So what makes a great company culture? Three key elements stand out…

The human touch

One study shows that more than 60 percent of managers don’t communicate effectively enough with the people who report to them, despite all the ways technology has given us to stay in touch. Placing a high value on talking in person can promote better and more open communication among employees.

Orbium sees the human touch as a key part of its culture and development framework for employees. The company’s coaching model is one of the most important ways of providing one-to-one communication and support to staff. This is how Raisa, one of our consultants in Singapore, explains the benefits of the coaching system:

“Orbium sees people as one of their greatest assets. The partners of the firm also believe in investing and developing every consultant. This makes it a very rewarding experience for an Orbium consultant like myself.”

Andrzej Stalmach, Orbium’s head of human resources, adds that: “Our managers treat people fairly. Our coaching model ensures that employees feel that they have a close relationship with their managers. This is part of our company culture and we believe that it has a positive impact on employees’ development, performance and morale.”

By having clear communication with employees and working with them on career development, Orbium’s managers show that they understand their people are humans with lives of their own, rather than automated assets that they pay to produce what they need.


Another big factor for the Great Place to Work team when judging the awards is the inclusiveness of the organisation. Inclusion means respecting one another’s differences and working together towards a better professional outcome.

Orbium’s flat hierarchy has always ensured that every employee’s voice, knowledge and skills matter.

“Orbium has grown from a company consisting of four people to more than 450 employees today,” says Andrzej Stalmach. “The founders and owners of the company are still very active in keeping in touch with employees.”

Wei Han, an Orbium consultant in Singapore, explains in this video that inclusivity goes beyond individual teams or offices.

Orbium has a strong culture of sharing and support between our consultants all around the globe,

He also highlights the use of a knowledge-sharing platform called Orbium Wiki, where employees can ask about other people’s experiences, share resources and answer business-specific questions from colleagues in different offices. “Within the office, I also have very supportive colleagues that help me to keep learning and improving,” Wei Han adds.

Innovative work environment

Diversity is one of the best things a global company can offer to its people; employees can learn from each other’s differences and be more creative in developing better solutions.

Orbium also offers employees a great number of opportunities to work around the globe: staff travel from one office or client to another, depending on their current projects. As a result, there are always relocation and career-advancement opportunities. Take Philip’s case, for example, who relocated from the Manila office, where he was an analyst programmer, to the London office, where he works as a consultant.

We believe both diversity and global mobility contribute to our innovative work environment. We also believe that trust between colleagues is a vital part of creating an environment where innovation thrives. This is important to how we work together as a global team.

Orbium and Great Place to Work

In addition to the award for the Singapore office, earlier this year Orbium received Great Place to Work awards for the Frankfurt office and the Hong Kong office, adding to our previous wins in 2014 and 2015 for Warsaw and London respectively.

Winning these awards across our global offices reinforces the value of our efforts to create a better workplace. Outside recognition pushes us to continue building a culture based on fairness and trust among employees in all our offices.