How to Perform Your Best at a Job Interview

Career Guide May 26, 2018

How to Perform Your Best at a Job Interview
How to perform at your best in a job interview

Whatever stage you are at in your career, in a job interview you will always be asked why you want the job and why you deserve the position you applied for. However, the interview should never be one-sided – questions from the candidate show their level of interest in the job and the company, and can be a great way to see if you’re a good cultural fit with the organisation.

So what are the dos – and definite don’ts – in a job interview?

  • Ask for details about the role

Finding out more about the day-to-day responsibilities gives you an insight on what you’ll be doing if you’re hired. You’ll also find out if you are a good fit for the job and what you need to work on if not.

  • Ask about the team dynamic

Your future manager will most likely be one of the interviewers. Asking about the team’s culture and work ethic conveys that you care about being a team player.

  • Ask about the company’s future plans

You’ll want to know more about this before accepting an offer, because a job at a failing company will not last long.

  • Find out if there is room for growth

To avoid accepting a dead-end role, ask what professional-development support the organisation offers. It’s always good to grow professionally with your company.

  • Don’t give generic answers

Giving genuine and thoughtful replies will win over your interviewers.

  • Don’t list known facts

They’ve already run through your CV, so there’s no need to repeat what’s written in it. Instead expand on points that provide proof of why you’re the right person for the job.

  • Don’t overstate your accomplishments

Highlighting your most relevant experience to impress your interviewer is important. But never claim to be better than the rest – most interviewers value the right attitude over the perfect skill-set.

A job interview should not be a hostile situation; it’s an opportunity to show what you’ve found out about the company, and that you have thought about what you would bring to the role. So don’t forget to smile and be confident!