Keep Looking for New Opportunities to Develop Your Career

Career Guide May 14, 2018

Keep Looking for New Opportunities to Develop Your Career
Keep looking for new opportunities to develop your career

Being hired is a great moment, but getting a job is only the first step; employees want long-term opportunities while companies want people who will be an asset for the future. Learning to seek out new opportunities helps you grow – personally and professionally – which is why investing in your career development matters.

Your skill-set is your greatest asset and can help you stand out. The more you invest in it, the more opportunities you will have. Michael Bloomberg, CEO of Bloomberg LP, said that: “I’ve never met a Nobel Prize winner who didn’t think they had an awful lot more to learn and wasn’t studying every single day.”

So how can you improve your professional development?

  • Look within the company

Find out about all the development initiatives offered by your company and take advantage of them.

  • Listen to colleagues

A Fortune article says that getting informal feedback from colleagues can help you learn about your strengths and weaknesses from an objective viewpoint. Changing your perspective can help you see beyond your daily responsibilities and learn something new.

  • Research external opportunities

Don’t be limited by what your company offers; have the initiative to start your own professional journey. Look for seminars and training offered by other organisations, including online courses, some of which are free.

  • Keep a record

Note down your achievements as you go to create a useful record of what you’ve done as well as what you’ve learned. The Balance Careers notes that such a record will support applications you make for new roles within the company.

  • Don’t spread yourself too thinly

You can’t be involved in everything and still do exceptional work. A Fast Company article recommends learning to say no sometimes. Accept opportunities that fit your skills and your available time.

At Orbium, we believe that encouraging our employees to embrace new opportunities benefits everyone. We offer training classes with the company’s subject-matter experts, help individuals contribute to future collaborations in the office and sponsor employees’ external training in order to develop their expertise.