A Look into a Programmer’s Life: Miguel Burgos Part 2 (Employee Feature)

Life at Orbium July 26, 2018

A Look into a Programmer’s Life: Miguel Burgos Part 2 (Employee Feature)

Choosing your career is not as easy it sounds. It takes many of us quite some time to figure out which profession we want to devote our time to. For Miguel, his journey as an Analyst Programmer at Orbium is just as insightful. It may be too early, and he may be too young to say whether he has chosen the right path, but it remains that his exposure to different types of projects and colleagues at Orbium made it possible for him to see which areas to improve on and progress professionally.

As I am an Analyst Programmer being exposed to the work of Consultants, I was presented with the difficulty of bridging the skill gap I have regarding overall project knowledge and client relationship building.

Recently, he has been traveling back and forth from the Philippines to Hong Kong as part of his work for Orbium. Switching between countries meant not only different geographical landscapes and cultures, but also different work experience for Miguel.

Being exposed to the work of Consultants is very refreshing and humbling, you’ll learn how your on-site counterparts work and collaborate with the clients. You realise how much you still need to develop individually and professionally.

This presents another responsibility for you as an employee of Orbium. When you work offsite, the client only sees you through the work that you deliver, but onsite, you are also the face of Orbium. You must be able to portray yourself in a way that the client would see the Orbium values through you.

Speaking of values and culture, Miguel also emphasises that despite being at the company for more than four years now, the culture had not changed despite the continued growth of the company.

From when I started up until now, I can still definitely see the Orbium values live among my colleagues, and one that stands out is undoubtedly good humour. It doesn’t necessarily mean we only hire people with good humour, but you are able to learn those values as you become part of the Orbium Family.

Diversification has also meant Orbium offering new solutions to its clients, and thus creating more opportunities and projects for its people.

Miguel’s stint in Orbium not only opened doors for him but it has also developed his perspective of things. As he continues to improve as part of the Orbium network, he has developed this determination to progress not just with work but in many aspects of his life including his hobbies like bowling.

Bowling was one of the hobbies I picked up unintentionally. It was just recreational bowling with the family until it snow-balled to my circle of friends.

And now, my friends and I are a bunch of bowling enthusiasts that go out once a week for a session. When you get into a hobby that you keep for years, it’s inevitable that you will want to improve and of course, buying your own gear makes it even more fun.

He further relates that to his life at Orbium.

Bowling is one of the hobbies I can enjoy more instead of being overly conscious of trying to do everything well. It’s something you play together with your friends and enjoy.

This is much like how an Orbium team collaborates and embodies the value of good humour. Enjoying the interactions with your colleagues makes the work and collaboration much easier. Another important point is – much like how a new bowling ball is fitted to the player – it is also critical for any company like Orbium to get the right talent when hiring.

It may seem like he has it all figured out, but Miguel also reminisces how different he was back then before he joined Orbium.

I really am different now from how I was back in 2014, when I joined Orbium…

We’ll look into more of how his life changed after joining Orbium, in the last and final part of his profile. Stay tuned.

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