Three Ways to Find the Right Cultural Fit

Career Guide February 15, 2018

Three Ways to Find the Right Cultural Fit
Three ways to find the right cultural fit

Company culture is one of the most important things that determine if a job is right for you, whether you want to have fun at work or prefer a calmer environment. Here are three ways to help you find the company that will fit you to a T.

  1. Know what you really want in an employer

Before you start applying, list the traits you ideally want. This will narrow down your choices: do you want a job where you can work as part of a strong team? Do you want a job with a flexible schedule? Or perhaps you want to work in a multi-cultural environment, where you can broaden your horizons? Take the time to evaluate what factors will combine to create the fulfilling career you are looking for.

  1. Prioritise

When you’ve finished listing your ideal attributes, you must decide which of them is your priority. Is it how people treat each other at work? Is it the whole team’s work ethic? Or is it how the company deals with career development? Your answer will shape your decision because not every company will have all of your ideal qualities.

  1. Know the company’s core values

A company’s core values indicate how the team behind the brand works, how they treat each other and how they treat their clients. This Forbes article sets out how corporate culture affects everything in a company, and serves as the guiding principle on how teams work together.

It may be challenging to get everything you want, but finding a company whose values are mostly aligned with yours can make the application process far more constructive.

Orbium’s values

In a global company like Orbium, cultural fit is a priority. With more than 450 employees with 31 nationalities, and 13 offices in 10 countries, the diversity of our workplace is attractive to many of our employees. That’s why Orbium invests in cross-cultural training and activities to help all our people feel confident working in a multi-national environment.

The London School of English says cross-cultural training can help the effectiveness and success of a diverse workplace by preventing possible miscommunication due to different personal cultural backgrounds. It can also help strengthen the core values that keep teams connected to a common point of view despite those different backgrounds.

In such a diverse working environment, Orbium strives to ensure that employees uphold a universal set of core values. Our unified sense of culture helps us achieve our goals more effectively and exceed client expectations.