5 Ways to Use Social Media to Land the Job You Want

Career Guide April 20, 2018

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Land the Job You Want
Five ways to use social media to land the job you want

Social media has been revolutionary in connecting people, helping businesses reach target markets and delivering the news. It is also changing the job market. Nearly two-thirds of companies check social media before making a job offer, according to a US survey by online recruitment firm CareerBuilder. Nearly a third also check current employees’ profiles and a quarter have fired or reprimanded staff for what they have found.

Here are some basic tips to help maximize the opportunity:

  • Establish your personal brand

Your personal brand matters a lot in the professional world. If you’re eyeing a job, make sure your social media brand is professional and appropriate.

  • Post carefully

An employer’s perception of your personality and professionalism can be influenced by the things you share, the people you follow, the groups you join and the way you interact with other users. Don’t overshare online; not everyone appreciates seeing you dozens of times on their timelines.

  • Use your time online wisely

Be part of the right social media groups; seek out and join those for more specialised and specific discussions. Not only will you meet people with similar interests, but you will learn from them and keep up-to-date with thinking in your industry. In addition, engaging in healthy debate is good for your brand online. This can improve your credibility.

  • Use an appropriate picture

Your picture is a key part of the packaging of your brand. First impressions are important, so keep this in mind when you select your profile picture. Formal photos will depict you as professional while a casual one might show you as too relaxed. Your image, tone and connections should be consistent or you risk confusing people.

  • Follow the companies you love

There are several benefits to following companies you like or even love. You’ll learn about their activities and be ready to respond to business or job offers. A company’s social media profile can also show you the type of culture that exists in the organisation. Some prospective employers also see it as a plus if applicants take the initiative to learn about the company in advance of a job interview.

It’s important to note that landing the job you want takes more than using social media in the right way. You must be able to support your application with the relevant qualifications and skills. Showing humility and a willingness to learn also goes a long way with a new employer.

Social networking is a double-edged sword; it can help build your reputation – or destroy it. Exercise caution at every click.