Three Great Reasons to Work in Consulting

Career Guide March 12, 2018

Three Great Reasons to Work in Consulting
Three great reasons to work in consulting

Orbium is a business and technology consulting company – and at the core of our business are our consultants. Here’s a short insight into what they really do and what they love about their jobs.


Consulting is one of the professions that offer the best travel opportunities, according to this BBC article. So if you love to explore other places while learning new things and using your expertise, this may well be the job for you.

An example from Orbium is Philip, who was among the first hires in the Orbium Manila office before he was given the opportunity to transfer to Europe, to take on a new role in London.

“This is the first time I’ve been away from the Philippines for such a long period of time and I admit to feeling homesick occasionally – it’s a long way away,” Philip says. “But above all, I am very grateful for this opportunity to learn and gain new experiences, both professionally and personally.”

Working together

Consultants work in teams that bring together different experts in their fields. As a consultant for Orbium, you will always have the chance to learn from others, helping you develop professionally.

Antso, an Orbium consultant based in Paris, was assigned to a big bank in Luxembourg. The best part for him was the chance to tackle the project as a team, starting from the moment they met at the train station or airport. “We get to discuss different topics, share our experiences and get to know each other better,” he says.

Our collegiate way of working has also been of great benefit to Philip since moving to London; his colleagues welcomed him warmly and helped him adapt to the new environment.

Continuous career development

One of the greatest benefits of working in consulting is that your job changes with each new project. The work is based around problem-solving, so you’ll always learn new things. A Cube Rules article explains that consultants encounter new challenges constantly; they work in a variety of industries and businesses, continuously enhancing their problem-solving skills over time.

Ania, one of our consultants based in Warsaw, has taken part in several workshops in New York, attended banking and consulting courses in Amsterdam, summer events in Marbella and Cannes, and even an Aerospace Cadets of the Philippines (ACP) course in Manila.

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