How the World is Changing Today’s Workplace through Work-Life Balance

Career Guide February 26, 2018

How the World is Changing Today’s Workplace through Work-Life Balance
“Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create” Jana Kingsford  

Achieving a work-life balance has become a 21st-century holy grail. There are many professionals who worry that their jobs take over their lives, but the reality is, balance means different things to different people; for some, work and life are considered as one, making balance unnecessary.

Orbium respects the private life of its staff and encourages a good work-life balance. It starts on their first day when we explain to all new staff the benefits of verbal over email communication. This not only nurtures relationships, but makes work quicker and more effective.

The company also encourages staff to complete their work within their given hours and set daily and weekly goals. This establishes a structure for work and promotes planning. As a result, staff can enjoy their private lives, unaffected by the demands of work.

Orbium holds a number of annual events that encourage team building and also create a more relaxed atmosphere in which colleagues can get to know each other. This helps build trust and create more meaningful relationships.

Finally, we believe that great teams achieve more than individual superstars. We encourage anyone who has completed their work to help colleagues, maximising effort and reducing the likelihood of extended working hours for everyone.